Magasumov’s Texturing Workshop

Студия текстурирования  Р. Магасумова Geometry fidelity and strength of the part which is plastic-cast do not guarantee a want-satisfying quality! The strongest argument in a quality rating is exterior of a part! Magasumov’s Texturizing Workshop offers its experience and skills to all people who make and use molds for plastic-casting in solution to this uneasy question.
 Студия текстурирования  Р. Магасумова
Production of a mounting for getting plastic parts is always connected with a large amount of manual work nevertheless an extensive use of high-performance “smart” equipment. Моre than that, finishing technical operations moulding surface of a mounting (planishing and texturizing – embossing) is performed in a manual way only. Actually a working out and duplication of a texture on a structuring surface of a mounting is a technical operation of mould construction but as a matter of fact it is majorly a creative process where the result can’t be estimated by simple texture element’s size measurements. An aesthetic texture’s quality rating is one of the most important, besides compliance with definite technical requirements for mounting and texture characteristic.
Our workshop offers a unique technology and equipment for texturizing and relief image’s application on convoluted formlinings of molds and other items made of steel and alloys. However, surface hardness is not fundamental. Permanent refinement of developed technologies, their powerful capabilities provide the workshop’s dominant position in this service industry. What is more the workshop is unrivalled among others in Russia, especially in the question of repairing process of mould construction’s defaced texturized surface and application of alphamerical information on mounting parts at the customer’s.